Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving Out~

Hello Stampin' Friends,

This past weekend, I spent some time filming and then I realized that I was travelling too much back and forth between my work area and my holding cell ("stamp room"). I was constantly get things in the "holding cell" and returning it back to its home. So I decided to revamp my working area. Everything I use frequently is now in arms reach!

photo 1

The left corner is a dead-space so placed my all-in-one ink pad holders there.

photo 2

I covered the wall up with magnet sheets so that I can see all my frequently used framelits onhand. (These magnet sheets are actually vent covers that you can purchase at home depot. Relatively inexpensive. It was about $5.00 for 3 sheets). All my Copic markes are now sitting on the counter in 4" PVC pipes.

My video camera is sitting on the counter ready for some action now.


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